From Paris to the Pilliga

With the patience of saints, these angels are watching over us, their wings spread to envelop all who care about our planet. The Climate Guardians have been charged and will appear in Court on Monday 30 May. Their honesty, determination and peaceful protesting is obviously a reason to take up the court’s time and resources. Angels, with your day in court, stand proud and be heard.

Image courtesy of Jo Evans Image courtesy of Jo Evans

At 3.15am on Tuesday 9 February we scrambled out of bed in time to meet other ‘climate angels’ from the Pilliga Push camp on the Newell Highway 6kms northwards. From there it was about a 45-minute drive to Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project that is constructing 850 coal seam gas wells in the Pilliga State Forest. In addition to threatening the largest inland forest left in Eastern Australia, Santos’ project sits above a critically important ‘recharge zone’ supporting the crucial pressure head enabling ground water from the Great Artesian Basin to flow to the surfaces of the massive expanse of land dependent on it (yep, think growing food).

PilligaAngelShadows Image courtesy of Jo Evans

When we heard that grandmothers were being pepper sprayed by police at the Pilliga blockade we decided to make the major detour from our original trip to Sydney. This happened within days of…

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From Paris to the Pilliga

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